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Brexit and Cross Border Litigation

10 September 2020

On 27 August 2020, the European Commission published a notice to stakeholders on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (“UK”) from the European Union (“EU”) and rules in the area...
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Brexit: Still Relevant and no Trade deal in sight

17 April 2020

With COVID-19 absorbing almost all our attention at the moment, it would be easy to forget Brexit; but it hasn’t vanished, and it remains a very real issue and concern...
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Brexit Update – EEA resident director

29 January 2020

As we enter a key phase in Brexit, the Companies Registration Office have provided the following guidance in relation to the requirement for Irish companies to have an EEA resident...
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Brexit Checklist: Legal implications for your business

26 November 2019

As Brexit draws closer, businesses should check what implications Brexit may have on their operations. From a corporate law perspective, the following are some issues that may arise as a...
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Brexit and Your Business

25 February 2019

The UK has voted to leave the EU.
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Brexit Update – January

22 January 2018

As we commence 2018 and notwithstanding that the UK/EU Brexit negotiations managed to proceed to Phase 2 just before the end of 2017, the reality of the situation is that...
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Brexit Implications for the Financial Services Sector

17 February 2017

Brexit and the Financial Services sector.
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Benefits of an Irish Base in Brexit Changing Times

16 February 2017

Sensible businesses must now be reviewing their strategies in light of the impending Brexit scenario and the implications that will have on their businesses. To counter the uncertainties, one option...
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Brexit and Insolvency & Restructuring in Ireland

15 February 2017

Brexit and the potential effect on Insolvency and Restructuring in Ireland
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Brexit – Four Months On

12 February 2017

Four months on from the Brexit vote result, there has been much commentary about the impact of a Brexit on both the UK and also on the remaining EU Members,...
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