Lisa McCartan

Having completed a degree in Business and Law at University College Dublin in 2014, I was fortunate to secure a training contract in Eugene F. Collins. I was drawn to Eugene F. Collins because of their outstanding reputation and their highly sought-after training contracts. As a trainee, you get a large variety of work in each department that you train in as you are not pigeon holed into one particular area. The emphasis placed on personality as well as academic performance and proficiency creates a friendly and open atmosphere in which to work.

I completed my pre PPC1 seat in the dispute resolution department. I worked on a variety of different types of cases which gave me a great insight into the workings of the dispute resolution department. It became clear to me from the beginning that I would thoroughly enjoy my training contract in Eugene F. Collins. The open-door policy is not just hearsay! I found that I could go to any solicitor, associate or partner within the firm for advice and they would point me in the right direction. What would have taken me hours of research I would have found out in minutes from speaking with them which is extremely constructive in this fast-paced environment. All departments work closely together and there’s a real sense of approachability in every department.

I am currently doing my second rotation in the corporate department. The experience has been extraordinary. I recently worked on an extremely complex and very exciting de merger and €100 million refinancing transaction. No two days are ever the same and so the work is constantly challenging and exciting which makes the training contract a great learning experience.

My ongoing training and support is very rewarding. There are constant refresher training sessions which is hugely beneficial. Eugene F. Collins really pushes for a work life balance and the social committee are fantastic at encouraging this with events such as the step challenge, sailing, the book club and of course pizza and beer Fridays!

The emphasis on teamwork makes Eugene F. Collins an excellent place to train. You never feel like you’re on your own as you have constant support and encouragement from your team in which you can develop and grow your ideas. This kind of encouragement helps trainees in their path to qualifying as successful solicitors.