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Consumer Protection (Regulation of Credit Servicing Firms) Act 2018

4 February 2019

The Consumer Protection (Regulation of Credit Servicing Firms) Act 2018 (“2018 Act”) is now in force, effective since 21 January 2019. The effect of the 2018 Act is to extend...
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Immigration Group Client Update

4 February 2019

As we approach Spring 2019, it’s a good time to pause and take stock of the various changes that have occurred in the year gone by. Our immigration team has...
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How TUPE applies to the Transfer of a Service Contract

24 January 2019

A transfer of undertakings under the EC (Protection of Employees on Transfer of Undertakings) Regulations 2003, S.I. No. 131 of 2003 (“TUPE”) occurs where a business or part of a...
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New Year, New Changes Proposed to the Companies Act 2014

10 January 2019

The General Scheme of the Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Bill 2018 (the “Scheme”) proposes a number of amendments to the Companies Act 2014 (the “Act”). The Scheme was published on...
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The Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2018

7 January 2019

What has been described by the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection as “one of the most significant pieces of employment legislation in a generation”, will come into effect...
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Cyber Crime: How to limit your risk

4 December 2018

Eugene F. Collins has in recent months noted increased incidents of cyber-attacks against our clients. Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit...
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Changes to the KEEP Scheme in the Finance Bill 2019

1 November 2018

The Key Employee Engagement Programme came into effect last January to help SMEs to attract and motivate employees and to support the growth in capacity and performance of Ireland’s enterprise...
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Constitutional Justice & Judicial Recusal

31 October 2018

What is Constitutional Justice & Judicial Recusal? Our right to constitutional justice is provided for by Article 40.3 of our Constitution whereby the State guarantees in its laws, to respect,...
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When are witness statements no longer privileged

23 October 2018

The High Court has clarified the extent to which litigation privilege exists over witness statements in Irish law in a recent ex tempore judgment (i.e. a judgment which is handed...
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New Increased CCPC turnover thresholds

18 October 2018

The financial thresholds at which the notification of a merger or acquisition to the Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is required, are set to increase as of 1...
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