Garrett Miller

When I started in the firm over fifteen years ago, it operated from smaller offices on Fitzwilliam Square with a workforce half the current size. Email was used for internal communication only and the fax machine was the essence of speedy delivery. If a company search, a filed plan or an instrument stamping was required, one of us had to attend in person at the Companies’ Registration Office, the Land Registry or the Stamps Branch respectively.

The firm has since then had the foresight to embrace modern technology and develop areas of specialisation. Thankfully though, some things have not changed. The culture and ethos of the Firm, that existed when I joined, remains. It’s what I think differentiates us from other leading law firms and is reflected in our values.

Working on secondment in a large infrastructural project helped me to understand that often a client’s main objective is to obtain a pragmatic, workable solution. The experience has taught me that my job does not stop at providing the legal advice. I have to listen to the client’s requirements and offer to assist the client in achieving a commercial solution.

Integrity is a pre-requisite – I have a few transactions where the trust existing between me and my opposite number has helped get the deal over the line. I treat others in the same way as I wish to be treated. Courtesy to fellow staff, legal colleagues and clients is, I find, repaid with interest.

I maintain an open door policy which doesn’t just apply to the trainees but it is equally important to solicitors with concerns relating to matters as diverse as stamp duty mitigation, client relations or commercial contracts. But often it is other partners or associates just looking for a second opinion. I remain approachable as often I knock on their doors should I require expert advice in other chosen fields or a second opinion. A problem shared is a problem halved.

The professionalism, capability and expertise of this office to handle large or high profile transactions creates pride in the Firm. The added ability of the Firm to remain understated whilst carrying out such work, often from repeat or longstanding clients, is another asset of the Firm.

People who subscribe to our culture and values fit in well in the firm. This creates a strength across the entire spectrum of our workforce (solicitors or support staff) making it a friendly, collegiate and helpful environment but always managing to give a professional service.

Culture and values combined with interesting, diverse and challenging work makes this firm an enjoyable and rewarding place in which I am proud to work.