Tara O'Donoghue

Following my graduation with an LLB Degree from NUI Galway in 2008 and an LLM from University College in 2010, I decided to postpone my career in law and went into recruitment.

However, after noticing the increase in recruitment of law graduates, I completed two internships within a commercial law firm in Limerick and after sitting my FE1 exams in October 2016/March 2017, I chose to relocate to Dublin to pursue a traineeship. Throughout the EFC interview process, I found that its reputation for inclusion, openness and friendliness was extremely fitting, and my interviewers were very interested in my background and assessing my potential fit within the team.

I am currently a trainee within my second rotation in the firm’s Dispute Resolution and Employment Departments. I really enjoy the diversity of working across so many different areas of litigation and the opportunity to actively participate and engage with highly experienced partners and solicitors in their everyday transactions with clients.

The firm provides more than excellent legal training and also places a strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility and teamwork. Prior to attending PPC1 in 2018, I was an active member of both the Fundraising Committee and the Social Committee, where ideas are strongly welcomed by trainee solicitors.

EFC were incredibly supportive of my participation as a volunteer in the award-winning Street Law Programme, an annual initiative of the Law Society of Ireland which places 40 trainee solicitors in local DEIS schools for six weeks to teach transition year students about law. EFC also regularly encourage my volunteer work as an Employment Assistant with Dublin Free Legal Advice Centres on a monthly basis, which I have been involved in for over two years.

Prior to attending PPC1, I was motivated by the strong work-life balance in the firm to set up a society for my fellow classmates. I applied, and received funding, for a Surfing Society which allowed 100 trainee solicitors to participate in a surfing and wellbeing weekend in Donegal. The experience of managing and coordinating such a large trip was very fulfilling, with the social connections made during my time organising this social trip forging many friendships as well as strong relations with future colleagues. I would encourage all future attendees at Blackhall Place to set up a society!