Eugene F. Collins and Legal island host seminar on the Gender Pay Gap reporting regime

28 June 2019

On Thursday 27 June, Eugene F. Collins partnered with workplace compliance experts, Legal Island to deliver a seminar on the new Irish gender pay gap reporting regime.

Aimed at reversing gender pay inequality, the Gender Pay Gap Information Bill has been referred to the Select Committee on Justice and Equality. Once enacted, this legislation will initially apply to workplaces of over 250 employees but will ultimately apply to workplaces of over 50 employees.

The key message for organisations is to understand that gender pay gap reporting will have implications for an organisation’s standing in the market both from a competitive and reputational standpoint. Planning for gender pay gap reporting should be on the agenda for all senior leadership teams. In the current climate, where employers are experiencing pressures on recruiting the right candidates for employment, embracing these requirements and ensuring, in advance, that the company has a positive message to tell can create a significant competitive advantage. The expected lead time should be used to start planning for positive measures to ensure a more balanced working environment.

Maura Connolly, Partner and Head of Employment at Eugene F. Collins commented: “While the legislation is still at an early stage, employers can start to prepare by conducting a business wide gender pay gap audit, assess their ability to explain the results and reduce the gap, where required. Where pay gaps are identified an employer should consider the reason for this. This reason may not necessarily be discriminatory and could be attributable to socio-economic factors. Employers should use the data to understand the underlying causes and why certain categories of staff may be particularly affected.”

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