Read our latest news and commentary in our April e-Briefing.

9 April 2015

Welcome to our April e-Briefing. In this issue:

  • The Public Health (Standard Packaging of Tobacco) Bill 2014 has been signed into law. We discuss the new requirements and the Government’s response to legal challenges.
  • We examine the success of Ireland’s New Court of Appeal in radically reducing the backlog of appeals to the Supreme Court.
  • We outline the main features and key provisions of the General Scheme of Planning and Development (No. 2) Bill 2014.
  • We highlight legislative & regulatory issues to consider if setting up a Crowdfunding platform in Ireland.
  • The Norwich Pharmacal Order (NPO) is an effective remedy to parties whose rights have been breached by an unidentified party. We set out the requirements for an NPO along with possible defences.
  • We summarise the key facts of a recent English Court of Appeal decision which highlights the implications of failure to follow contractual procedural steps.
  • And we provide an update on the use of Technology Assisted Review, which has been endorsed for the first time by the Commercial Court during proceedings in IBRC v Quinn.

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